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Barbed Wire

  • Barbed High Resistance CERCAÇO ZN3®
  • Barbed Wire Cercaço - High Resistance
  • Barbed Wire Dyno®
  • Barbed Wire Nelore®
  • Barbed Wire Rhino®

Oval Wire and Aviaço

  • Pantanal 17x15
  • Oval – Shaped Wire Pantanal 17x15 Zn3
  • Oval - Shaped Wire Pantanal 16x14
  • Oval Wire Nelore 700kgf
  • Wire Aviaço ZN3
  • Oval Wire Nelore Zn3 700kgf

Wire to Electric Fence

  • Electro 14 ZN3®
  • Electro 15 ZN3®

Corral Wire Rope

  • Wire Rope Crioulo ZN3®
  • Wire Rope Nelore ZN3®

Wire Rope and Climbing Plants Wire

  • Wire Frutamax
  • Wire Rope Frutamax®

Hexagonal Wire Mesh

  • Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Spacers and Staples

  • Staples
  • Wire Spacer For Fences®
  • Wire Spacer for fences Nelore®